HSE- Health, Safety and Environment

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HSE- Health, Safety and Environment

HSE- Health, Safety and Environment

The system’s two-fold purpose is to:

  1. Establish an international standard for the way we manage, practice, and monitor our HSE programs;
  2. Bring our safety programs under one, Company-wide umbrella

RBS management strongly believes that HSE is a good business ethics. We can achieve excellence in HSE by:

  1. Creating commitment at every level that "Safety is an priority in all our business ethics"
  2. Integrating HSE in to all our business activities
  3. Defining the value for HSE by Demonstration, not by belief only
  4. Management belief is that it can come true when our workforce is motivated towards working safely and each individual have the trust within the organization.
  5. We will increase the trust of individual that "HSE is a good business in long run" by strong visible management commitment, valuing the HSE efforts & reorganization

HSE Management System

HSE Management System

Best Practices to excel in the industry - by Radiant

HSE Communication

All new employees, after joining undergoing HSE Induction are issued with HSE Hand book, which is available in 4 languages:

English, Hindi, and Arabic & Tamil.

Life Saving Rule

All employees undergoing “12 Life Saving Rule” Induction and sign LSR declaration, available in 5 Languages: English, Hindi, Arabic, and Tamil & Malayalam.

5 Star Incentive Scheme

All Employees are awarded with 5 Star and on completion of every Safe Month, are eligible for HSE Allowance.

HSE Awards & Certificates

Best HSE practices by employees / Achievements are awarded with Gift & Certificates (e.g. Best Man, Safe Driver, Best STOP Card, LTI Free Project / Year).

HSE Alerts / Knowledge sharing

Incidents in company / client or other industries are shared with learning’s with all employees.

Best Practices to excel in the industry - by Radiant

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